Notes:Sigh, the name of this comic strip originates from the fact that it was ment to be my introduction of the comic to Vassar's other paper, The Daily Brew. Now, the reason that this shows up twice with another comic on this day, is that when I got back from my trip I found out they wanted all their submissions the Sunday before they run it. So, I managed to grind out this right after finishing my last Mr. Snodgers Neighborhood, which I did right after getting back. I was a bit tired by the end of that, and really could have used that time to do some physics homework.

In any case, I did manage to get it to them, even if they did promptly tell me right after that it was a bit more plot-based, and less political than they wanted. Stupid me and wanting to have characters. Anyway, despite this, I'm not really pissed at them. Even if they rejected me, at least they were polite about it, unlike Vassar's other paper, The Misc, which tends to forget to reply to my emails after saying they're interested in running my comic.

Anyway, so that's why the comic has a little recap, and some name tags. Originally I didn't intend to post this because it's kinda weak, and it doesn't really accomplish anything useful here. Don't know why I changed my mind, but parts of it are growing on me slightly.

Oh, yeah, it also used to be the comic that recaps, but that seemed a bit pointless as a title now.