Notes:Not so much noticable here in art, unless you count Mr. Snodgers' getup for it. While it ranks as less painful to draw than the table, it still took some work, especally considering I tried to draw those stars. Largely they ended up getting lost in the shading since they weren't big enough.

Anyway, this ranks as a strip that I think I had to do. This particular irony was first pointed out to me by someone who had lived through the 60's, namely my mother, and it's infected me a bit ever since. Now not only do I find it a little distasteful when huge areas are plastered with flags, I also have to find it horribly ironic.

This comic however came in a lot of forms when I first wrote it, though I think I like this punchline the best. Some of the varations involved streets paved in them, it becoming a popular method of showing the rage burning in America to torch them, the combination of this with going back to normality at a barbeque, and possibly klan members running around in hoods made out of them. I don't know quite what the point to that last one would have been. Maybe sorta the mixed message that all you have to do to be all American now is to wave a flag. It doesn't matter what else you do it seems.