Notes:Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Well these two strips might help. A Holly Jolly Rodgers Explinations

Maybe this little inconsitency isn't an issue with most of my readers. It didn't even occur to me initially, but lately I've picked up a fan boy who notices these things. Which is nifty indeed. In the least it gives me something to think about, which leads to more comic ideas. Yay for fans!

Actually I'm far less irritated by this issue than I show up in this. It amuses me more than anything. And I do have a solution of sorts, for the moment. Yes, of course I do =) And I might even mention it some day.

Spent far longer tinkering with panel 2 than was really worth it. This was one of those odd strips where I had written the first and last panel and then realized I didn't know how to get them to fit together right. It's alwyas curious when this happens, because I usually have a fairly good idea of how the comic is going to flow when i start, but somewhere along the line it just gets muddled.