Notes: Mmm, even if I remain something of a comic outcast by somehow not being a Peanuts fan, I did have something for Calvin and Hobbs in my time. And I do appreciate it's going out with a bit more dignity. Doesn't have a lot to do with this comic overall, but I thought I'd say something.

Anyway, moving on. It has been 34 comics since I sent that out, it is about time I got to it. Plus I am not at my most creative at the moment, so a plot would help me come up with ideas more readily. Why not finish the one at hand. See panel one :)

As for Guy... Well, originally I thought Jimmy would be the appropriate subject to travel along with me, but he's been sort of dominating all the strips of late while Guy's been drifting out so in the interest of balance he gets to come along. Lucky him, eh?

In design notes, sorry about the way the wording worked out in the 3rd panel. I know I hate having to read stuff spaced out like that, but alternatives were not particularly appealing either. Probably could have used a bit more foresight while drawing that at that scale.

Final note: Have I mentioned that Voop! is my favorite sound effect ever? There's just not many excuses to use it though.