Notes: Just to start off, I have to state that I'm not pro-drugs. I just happen to feel that trying to have a war on them isn't the most efficient thing. I mean regardless of how you felt about Vietnam issues, it has to be admitted that things did not go overly well there. And you don't see anyone running around trying to convince you that we should go back to trying that some more in order to fight off any potential source of 'terror'.

No, wait, my mistake, you do. After all, they are part of the axis of evil.

The axis of evil. I can't even believe this statement was made. I can't believe it wasn't retracted, with a very lengthly apology from everybody in the government, besides Bush, who would be at that time being solemnly put down, since it was obvious that there just wasn't something right in him there.

Sigh, I can't even talk on this. It's just too dumb. That the world seems to go on is also just far too depressing.