Notes:I could have gone on with this for awhile. Really. I kept mapping out more oddities. Eventually I would like to be done with this though, thus 'S takes a moment to divert me back on track again.

Speaking of which, I really like 'S, even if I haven't found a lot of use for her yet, and won't still for a bit. And the interesting thing is that every time someone appears in the strip they develop a little bit more in my head. Also in the way their drawn, though that hasn't really hit yet for her. At the moment though I have to confess that she's still not readily definable. It'll be interesting how that turns out. Hmm, this is a short strip so there isn't all that much to say about it I guess. Final two comments, I continue with trying to include more of my own hand gestures, and also I seem to have finally gotten a feel for what Guy looks like when he's not in profile. Some of my earlier attempts... *shudder* well.. best to leave those unmentioned.