Notes: Hmm, still in the quick range I suppose. Can't say to much on this one again, though I think it becomes more meaningful when looked at differently. Even more so from my view, but that's going to stay just mine until this is done.

Mean time 'S is going a minor art change as I debate the proper way to do her eyes. I like this a little better since the old way was a bit... don't know, cheesy maybe. Make a charater distinctly female via putting little points over their eyes. Still sorta the case, but less gratuitously so now. I mean it's hard to be too hard on the idea since it seems to work, um except for the rest of the female cast that isn't Jenny. This is where I either mumble into silence or make a dash for the door I suppose. Definitely lost the point to this I guess. Oh yeah, minor differences can change the feel a lot, something about using a bit less in the way of tricks makes her feel a bit more of an individual. Jenny will probably always retain hers since they are part of her personality pretty much now, and besides, she puts them to good use in my opinion. Plus they match up well with her type of eye.

Must... resist... going off on tangent on eyes.