Notes: Hmm, part of me could have ignored this bit with the hair. Or just made it a spontanious inconsisency to never be mentioned again. But this is 'S, and thus connected is some level of secibility. Hmm, maybe only an association I make in my mind, but important to how I do things none the less. It was a curious moment when I was actually going through panels 2 and 3 realizing that things couldn't be that way, then trying to muddle out how they should work.

It's interesting how much faster I've started drawing recently. It has something to do with being able to free hand half the stuff after doing a loose outline. Which I suppose comes from getting to know how my characters are formed much better. And also working out a bit on the not twitching in the middle of a line thing. Sorta as a result of this I'm willing to put in a couple more panels now and then when I feel it's worth while. The whole thing above might not have happened if I hadn't been able to draw it out quite as rapidly while prcrastinating on soething else earlier this week. Actually this whole strip has turned out somewhat oddly fro where I first thought it was going, from 2nd panel to the last. Especially that punchline. Probably more with this sort, seeing as it is actually getting some introduction of character in.