Notes: I swear that wording parts of this were harder than anything I've ever encountered before, only partly because I wanted to refrain from going in to a full scale rant on the subject. Unfortunately, this grew and consumed the other comic I was planning on doing tonight with research continuing. I really don't want to know about this. I really could do without us being preceived like this. Eh, a couple of links to the LA Times and Washington Post if you care to read a bit.

Oh, and if you're curious how the t-ball thing turned out, a short bit by CNN

I'm going to continue to avoid writing on this. I'm tired of it. I'll talk about drawing it instead. Sorta boring going around. Not much total movement going on, mostly depending on expression to convay stuff. I feel i'm getting better at using 'S's eyes for doing that, sorta like I've gotten a feel for Jimmy. It's curious that it works in my mind considering they don't actually share many traits with actually eyes, either of them.