Notes: Hmm, finally got around to trying out my new thinner pen to do 'S's hair, and it seems to have turned out well, even though that possive proper noun looks all wrong. In anycase though, it does seem to be a bit lighter like that, which is good, because it should be.

Anyway, about this comic, it might be a bit non-sequiter, but I've been wanting to do something paralling it for a bit. I'm not sure if this really fit with my character in the strip so much. I mean, half the time he appears either evil and annoying, and the other half morally outraged. Which might even out to my more normal alignment, which is strictly speaking neutral. I still tend to get fairly irritated though when people claiming to want to go out to do good in the world start in on all sorts of crap, like killing people completely unrelated. Or just not liking people's tendencies to cling onto things that have died. Or just for being idiots.

Well, going on trying to justify being pissed off while being neutral doesn't seem to be all that interesting. I'm ot even sure it has much point. I'm not sure that you all don't think I'm a geek for giving myself an alignment. Well, I'm only trying to express my view point in as few words as possible really. Um, not so much now though.

I think I end this horrible mishapen mess of a note.