Notes: Story behind this. A volcano a couple hours from my house is errupting. No that's not anyway as deadly as it might sound. It's pretty slow about the whole thing, plus I have another larger inactive volcano between me and it. One that's not likely to go off soon.

Anyway, to continue, this thing tends to let lav out at a sufficently slow rate that you're actually allowed to hike right out to it and see what's it's up to. Such is what we did. Now, the thing is that people know this. Tourists know this. Thus, while you can go out there and look at it, in our case, either dripping out of a cliff and into the sea, or just creeping along the ground. Now we spent a considerable amount of time sitting and watching the latter (Sorry, not the best picture, but I didn't get a chance to take a lot before people to be mentioned later showed up. Person is no one I know.) It's impressive just in it's slow changing, and also the real cool crinkling sounds it'd continously make. Or it's abupt changes, as in when we watched it's cooling crust in one area crack open toss off it's 'lid' and start spewing the stuff. Lucky we could just sit and watch this seeing as we chose to sit 15-20 feet away from it.

Then a family of five showed up. They decided to take up residence one foot from the flow. Litterally. Now, the fumes alone involed with lava are something the warn you about in conjunctioin with the shear aspect of being next to molten rock. You can probably guess what happened after that. Yes, they all watched the teenage male of the group poke it with a two inch stick. Now, one thing to note that's a bad idea in this is that lava rock, which they were standing on the cooled version of, is not the most stable thing in the world. Then there's the sudden advancement of it. Or the fact that you don't have to touch a lot of red hot liquid rock to get hurt badly. Not that the stick suddenly bursting into flame didn't hurt him anyway. I'm sure if their youngest had actually put his foot on it like they bare stopped him from doing, that would have been interesting too. Anyway, that and observations of people walking right up to the edge of a cliff to look at the rock slide below them are why one of the leading causes of death around here is tourism.