Notes:Well, there's gonig to be a period when this is going to bein the archives so I'm gonig to put right here this actually happened about a week after 9/11/2001. Now these aren't anywhere near exact quotes for the first part. Mostly it's just the sort of thing that happened right before our memorble lines.

Now perhaps this is funny to you, or perhaps it's offesive. Maybe this is just something that shows you something about me. If so, I'd prefer it to be that I don't get too caught up in events. Or there's the way I seem to live under a rock, one which not only seems to block out most things from ever being recorded, but also covers memories of everything. Yeah, I'd be the absentminded prof that would walk right into a building to teach his next class and fail to notice it was on fire. With fire trucks surounding it. And people climbing ladders to break open windows. And such. True story apperently from one of my profs about one of his back in the day.