Notes: In case you didn't figure it out, Rags has just noticed the existence of the Sun. Numbers are grabbed from some reference tables then converted and rounded off.

And no, the sun is not in fact on fire, even if it does radiate tremendous amounts of energy, such as heat or infrared radiation. (You might notice I'm a physics major somewhere in this) Burning is more usually considered the process of rapidly combining with oxygen.

I'm just going to take a philisophical note here that may or may not be related to a fever I may or may not be having. It's very interesting how something like oxygen, which is so vital for life, and the combination of stuff with which is so vital to our survival, is so terribly bad for us when it's outside of the contained and controlled enviroment of our cells. Then your just combining too much with it and probably in less productive ways. Ozone is similar stuff, inthat it's terribly useful in saving us from UV, but again, has this tendency to rapidly combine with us that's just no good. Actually more so than Oxygen, since it's inherently unstable. Always remember whenever someone trys to sell you something that will treat you with Ozone, in some manner, that it is in fact a poison gas. Not one that will kill you in the does people are likely to give you, but it's not likely to do the miracles they may claim.

Anyway, that over, the obvious in this comic is that there is such a 'fire' not the micolanious facts I throw in it. Hell, I don't know these constants, and the fire thing only occurred to me after I finished the comic. (But looks like it's burning! I don't care, its still technically a giant nueclear explosion. What, one billions of years old? Well, yes, but it hasn't burnt through it's fuel yet. Um... Look, it's an explosion with enough mass that the gavitation is holding all the stuff that would be exploding outwards in. But isn't it still radiating energy, which is equivelnt to mass? Well, yes, but one, that's only a small part of it, and two, you don't want to think about what will happen when it's gravitation decreases as a result. It's going to blow up?! Well, no, it's not doing it quite fast enough for that, but it will gradually get bigger. That's bad. Yes, but it'll take a long time. Longer than you're likely to live at the least. Oh, well then.)

And, yes I did spend a bit of time on drawing this comic, but that's just because I was playing doorman for 2 hours with little else to do.