Notes: Panel three says "Boing?" Panel 4: "Cause Boinging's what Tiggers do best" Just in case that's unreadable to you. The font comes from the game EarthBound, a great RPG of which I have a little too much love. Finding the font itself played a bit of a role in how this comic developed.

I'm not nearly so bad off as this comic implies, but things are hardly running quite right at the moment. We'll see what some uninterrupted sleeping will do for me. At the moment, just doing something that isn't school work is enough motivation not to sleep. Of course, part of it is also just confusion. To me, it's the middle of the week, yet I don't have any school work. After this semester and after finals, this lack of stuff to do is just... really confusing. To try and give you a better grasp of just how confusing this is to me, try imagining something really, really confusing. Then imagine something slightly more so than that. _That's_ how confusing it is to me.

So anyway, there's a couple of odd things to this comic, such as I'm being draw with a completely different pen in each panel. The difference is fairly noticeable to me, though probably less so after the processing it takes to get it on the web. This was mostly as an experiment so I could try a couple of them out 'in the field', as it were, but also it somewhat makes sense with my currently inconsistent mental state. Most didn't work out terribly well, though I do like the last panel's one.

I fail to have an explanation for the background.