Just some stuff I've done other than comics.

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Sometimes things are done best when they're done small. This is just a small drawing of Jandice from the corner of one of my pages of notes that I particularly liked.
I can't particularly name the reason I decided to design this. At the time, they were meant to be more of contrasting forces than they are at this point. Or maybe I just like doing their little patterns right next to one another.
Another piece done while sitting on an airplane, just letting my mind sorta flow. Jenny appears to have aged a bit in order to be in this picture. Loosely based off of what my door looked like at Vassar.
Everyone loves floating islands!

Oddly, this is one of those places that never shows up in my dreams, unless I take the specific time to construct it. I don't know. I just don't find it very interesting, so I don't end up doing that very often.

Anyway, I gave it a go as a drawing, and put Jenny in it because I figured she'd like it more than I did.

Being Jeniffer would be a rather frightening thing really. There is a rather large part of the world out to get her, and even just daily experience would show her that even her best efforts tend to fail. Of course, part of that is just her sabatoging herself, but it probably isn't as apparent to her.

Anyway, just my doodling around trying to create a feeling of the sorta phobia that has to hit her at some points. Random symbols and such on the walls are just various things that I sketch over and over, particularly when distressed. I have no idea if anyone else gets compulsions like that, but I figured I might try passing it on to her.

That's Vassar in the winter. I loved those paths in the snow, just wandering along them. It also made for a good excuse to draw Jandice in some winter gear.

Unfortunately I picked one of my terrible pencils to do this with so a lot of the white aren't as white as I might have hoped. Overall, still a fun picture to do. That came out well

Yeah. I had something to overcome to do a beach picture, particularly one with Jeniffer in it. Oddly enough really. I mean, there doesn't have to be anything significant about beach clothes. Besides, I have trouble imagining her not enjoying the sun.

Of course, given this is the Peace on Earth Jeniffer, I have trouble imagining her finding the time and inclination to sit on a beach, alone, unarmed. But that's extraneous to just having fun.

This one's hard to describe. Just a wisp a wonder Jeniffer happens to following. It's a contrast to her normal mode, big explosive spells, cutting and crashing through things and being very dark in the process, or very manic. It's nice to see her with some actual peace.
Picture of hanging out in one of the common realms of my dreams with a couple folks. One of whom is dealing with it a heck of a lot better than the other. It's a nice little vacation away from things.

Not a bad sketch of having people sit down, which certainly isn't my strength.

I seem to have become slightly mad with drawing beaches and summer wear of late. I suppose that might simply be a side effect of finally moving off of my island. So yep, boardshorts, sports bra and flip-flops on a slightly familiar beach to me. Also I guess this one has it's own rather unique hair, and has the bunny ears this time.
I have a lot of cartoon violence. Why not go with something a bit classic?

Of course just because something doesn't have a long term impact doesn't mean that it stops being rather unpleasent to have happen right next to you. Or it almost feels like in this that maybe he won't be getting up right afterwards and bitching about the whole matter.

Probably all a downside to go with getting attached to your characters as people.

I tend to get on kicks sometimes for new costume ideas, even if they aren't practical. Here's a weird series of semi-pirate ones, with the weird eye. I guess the idea was to cover the bunny ears, though I don't know it helped a lot with looking odd.

This is the cleanest of the lot.

Here's another sketch, this time from the back. She also appears to have some sort of tattoo on her arm now, which I really don't know what to make of.
And here's one with a slightly more warm weather top from the front. I actually ended up flipping this after scanning it since I realized I'd somehow managed to forget which eye was the light one from my first sketch to my last one.
And here we have Jennifer in classic Santa Carlos garb, which is also cute. I suppose it's possible she'll find her way into everyone's clothes one day.

There's ways of phrasing that which would be just bad.

Continuing to goof around with outfits for Jenny. Here's just some random summer garb: Sandals, shorts, a shorter shirt, hair out of the way, and very weird stance.
Yeah, another picture that I'm not entirely sure why it grabs me but does anyway. I mean, the arms in this one are just far too short. But I just like that hopeful expression.
It's fun to play with character's costumes, like tossing Jeniffer in Jandice's clothes, and keeping them sized to the latter of them. I could see that happen, and it's cute.
As long as I'm putting Jennifer in Jandice's clearly too big clothes, why not turn back the clock and see what Jandice herself would look like in them at that age?
As long as I was screwing around with Jandice's age, I figured why not shoot it a little bit farther back. Isn't she cute? I can see her tussling and running around like a maniac before getting into the real thing later on.
Young Jenny on the other hand never seems to have had it really easy. It's easy to see her current weirdness just being a result of a life time of fighting one thing or another.

You'll have to forgive the terrible scan of this. I thoughtlessly doodled this on the opposite side of a sheet of paper covered in dark black drawings in ink, and it turned out a lot better than I expected. It was a complete bear though to try and grab the pencil from one side of the paper and leave behind the obvious black spots behind it.

This is one of those things where I basically start by making a line, then end up with an entire idea for a comic just based on the drawing. It's a bit odd how I can do them sometimes simply by free association and letting my hand work. I'm always a bit sketchy on where swords over the shoulder should lie, and this one looks a little high. It's also set up to be drawn right handed right now, so how clever can my subconscious actually be?

Or maybe Jenny's simply right handed in this dream. I suppose there's odder things to be true.

Playing dressup with characters remains fun. Come to think of it, this even happened in the comic. Oh well, still an amusing picture.
Again with the weird outfits. This time she's... nothing in particular. Just ready for some brisk weather I guess. Definitely a change from her current lifestyle.
Always fun to sketch for the future. I like Jeniffer in a trench coat. I keep picturing her as a detective, even if that's completely counter to her nature now. Oh, and even if having her dress like this as a detective. But it's fun.
Fun with angles. I've never been much good with characters looking up, let alone looking up at them from below, but I figured I should give it a shot. It just happened to work out in this one quick sketch of future Jenny.
One of the things I do a lot of is start sketching picture from different plot lines from vastly different times in the comic. This is one particular future I found amusing, with a slightly different look the Jeniffer, I think someplace in her 20's.

This one is amusing since we get to see her doing a little magic and a lot of comic breaking in the process.

Weird future jenny looking slightly pissed off, while also showing up at a slightly odd angle.
So after climbing out of the comic I did a quick sketch just to get down her new outfit and look. She kinda looks nice wearing something a little more classy than a t-shirt. I may have to shoot for that at some point in the future.
I have to say looking back, this is perhaps one of the cleanest drawings to ever exist in my sketch book. I mean I usually shoot to toss out an idea, but this one really went beyond that. Too bad I also used my default pose for any character, though it half fits here.
There really shouldn't be anything particular about this sketch that catchs my eye. I mean, it's not a particularly inventive pose, or any sort of new garb for Jenny. She's just standing there in a sketch looking sad. Whatever it is about it though it grabs me, which is really what a good drawing should do anyway.
Yep, Jennifer's down here, but only slightly. She'll be back up in a second to try again. Again, she has the weird eyes, and yet another sword from my general collection of them I keep in my head. This is actually the start to a series of drawings, but it's certainly the best looking, and pretty much the only coherent one.

It's also just a fun pose since it's difficult to both give her legs and to make them apparent when they're tucked behind her.

Yeah, I like drawing my characters in slightly diffferent story lines, regardless of whether they'll come to pass. Here we have Jeniffer with slightly different ears, the weird eye thing, and an extra sword from a completely different series I'm working on, trying to do her mother's thing of being a bad ass in a skirt. She doesn't look bad at it in this, but god help me trying to picture her doing anything but tripping over it the first time she tries to do anything.
This would be one of those truly random things that occur. Jenny, in red, with a sphere of some sort and of course long, kinda lop-earish things. Definitely a drift into high fantasy I suppose, though I didn't bother altering the costume, as it were. In blowing it up a bit, the different reds do show up nicely, if not so much so after compression. Was originally done on a 3x 5 note card that I had sitting around.
I'm really not sure what's up with me and doing alternative Jenny's anymore than I'm certain why I keep doing them on little 3 x 5 cards. I like them though, even if this two sworded one seems a bit more violent than the other. It seems pretty inevitable she's gong to end up lopping off her own hair there, but perhaps she has a way to avoid that. It's certainly gotten long enough as is.

The pose is odd to me. It works and doesn't. It switches between being interesting and looking a bit wrong to me. Her butt seems too low, or perhaps her torso too long. But that's mostly when I start from the bottom up. When I'm scanning from the top down it seems like a lot less of an issue. She's crouching a bit, and it tosses her weight a bit off where it might normally seem to be. So what? The shirt's also longer than normal, which makes things a bit different.

Bottom up, her legs go from the ground to her body in about half the distance that the rest of it goes up from there. That can't possibly be right.

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