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The Power Puff comic, inspired by the Power Puff Girls Movie. It's been pointed out to me since dong this that they actually fit all the roles. Personally, I just find them amusing to draw, but I have to say, it takes a surprising amount of effort to do it right, so I respect people who reference them and do, and tend to less so those who don't think and end up with fairly skewed results.
This is the first solid picture of Violet that I drew after having a dream that mapped out a large plot involving her that was eventually almost completely scraped. She endured though, and with the combination of a lot of the other things in the back of my head, she seems to be a fairly central character now for when I finally get around to doing a fantasy series. The armor has changed a bit since then, but the glasses or goggles have always been there. So have the strange wing-things for that matter. I've never really adequately explained those, even to myself, but they were so distinctive, and so much a part of who she was they stay, even after I think of inconvience after inconvience that they'd cause.
A brief sketch to first try out the method of coloring this comic the way I decided to. It works for the most part. I'm not so sure I like the armor at this point, but that's what sketches are for. I think my issue is that it's a little too form fitting. I don't know. Maybe that's silly, since it's rather practical to have your armor at least partly shaped like your body. It's also meant to be inherently somewhat ridiculous, so the color and form might fit that well. I'll keep working on it.
This is a picture I made while trying to work out some details of how the work would look in the other, more fantasy based series I've been 'working' on. It has not yet gained the sort of momentum that my current ones have, but I find myself when I have time fiddling a lot with the characters and plot to that. It takes more work, since the way I'm writing it I'm going to need to know a lot more in advance what's going to happen. Anyway, this is one of the main characters wielding a rapier and oddly garbed, who's going under the name Violet at the moment.
Here we have the inexplicably named Tandy, also of a series yet to come. I'm not sure why I like this particular people I made up, but I really do.
At some point I posted this on the site as sorta a preview for another series I'm working on, and continue to work on called 'Child' at the moment. It's a Fantasy based series that sorta collects together my lifetime's collection ideas for various ones. Um, in a good way. It could very easily turn into crap like that, but it's interesting taking all the pieces I've ever generated, and seeing which get thrown out, which fit together and which get invented to hold the whole of my world together. There's a lot of things thrown out, but it's still nice to see some of the gems might some day get use as I keep pulling the threads of the whole plot together.
It's a little difficult justifying including this, but it's one of those pieces that while flipping through my sketch books completely jumped out at me. There's not much to it, but what there is just feels perfect. I don't know if I could hope to draw that eye again that well.
In another story line bearing no relation to any current ones, 'S comes from this little desert town that's meant to be sorta unique. And so I borrowed some stuff from that sort of the theme and tossed it into the background. It's not a great drawing, but it's different enough from anything else I've done with her.
Not much point to this. Just one of my preliminary sketches of Jeniffer for Peace on Earth. I figure I might as well post it seeing as she won't be just hanging around much in the series.
So, anytime I start a new series, I do an absolutely perfect sketch of the character in my notes, and then spend days and weeks trying to reproduce anything even close to it. It's not particularly exciting, but the series doesn't really call for a lot of standing around, so I figured I might as well toss my first successful reproduction up. It reflect's Peace on Earth's 'S slightly more upbeat persona well I think.
One of those really early concept sketchs for Peace on Earth. 'S in the series is supposed to be a little different that 'S in S-sub-Not. For one thing, she doesn't know everything, as is obviously being demostrated here. Again, working with a crappy pencil ensures that a clean scan is almost impossible. I do like the pillars though, even if they are a little plain.
Sometimes it's just fun to fart around with a character's outfits. It's pretty unlikely that the 'S from Peace on Earth will ever end up cleaned up like this, but still amusing, and probably worthwhile in the least to figure out her hair in a slightly different style shoudl something happen.
Another quick sketch for Peace on Earth. It's been an interesting thing trying to let go of some of my inhibitions for the series. I mean, before it there's no way in hell I'd design a costume for a character like this. It doesn't have to be about being sexy. She's just saying 'Dude! It's hot. And dangerous.'
'S from Peace on Earth fixing something huge, and apparently deciding to neglect all safety concerns in the process. Well, I guess that fits her, so long as it gets things done. It's also just a fun little pose to screw around with, along with playing with the side effects of gravity.
Every once in awhile I like switching my art style up a bit, just to see that I can, and get another view of my characters. Jeniffer's Peace on Earth character is pretty nice like this. I especially like the sword. It's also nice to switch up my normal pose a little using her bag.
A slightly more real sketch of 'S from Peace on Earth. It's not a big change, but while her eyes are sufficient for the comic, they also drive me slightly batty by being too simple. She's a little too complicated a character for eyes like that, but part of the goal of Peace on Earth was just to streamline things a litle bit.
'S is nothing, if not slightly abstract. Her little antennae really just can't correspond to anything human. They started out small, and have become slightly ridiculous. But that's character evolution for you. At this point they're sorta a critical means to her communication. They just speak volumes about what she's feeling.

Well, here's a slightly realer cartoon drawing of her. Also nice, but not something I'd want to do for the main strip a lot.

I've been having a lot of Naruto watched around me of late. That's not to say I don't watch it too, it's just I'm not particularly trying to watch it, while Jo is striving to see as much as she can.

But it's still infected my mind a bit, and so it's crept into a drawing of 'S as a ninja. Kind of a dumb idea really given her inclination to solve things through means other than violence.

By the way, what's up with ninjas and wearing lots and lots of bandages.

At one point I got it into my head to do a comic entirely in pointalism. This was of course a horrible idea, since it takes only a little short of forever to finish anything like that. On the other hand I feel like I make some of my best work like that. I'd love to think that I could really pick it enough that I could do it quickly. I'm pretty sure just the physics of the matter forbids that. So sad.

Anyway, this is one character. I love how her hair works.

The other character for my briefly proposed pointalism comic. It is, of course, 'S. I love the way I can shade like this. It's somehow easier than my normal shading habit. I also like her hair. It's one of those things that I have trouble doing with more regular methods, having some lines much more defined than others.

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