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I've been experimenting of late a bit with a brush and ink, though I don't think it's at all possible for me to do my comic that way. It's just an interesting art form.

This is my trying to see whether I can successfully express an emotion with as few real lines as possible, and just dashing an image down on the page. This instance turned out quite well I think. It's title is "But it's funny!" and beyond just the feeling of someone amused, I think it fits that comment quite well. It just works in my opinion, and also fills the space well, for not having a real background.

This second is following a similar theme which I've been doing with these, of just producing a phrase at random, and then drawing based off of that. This one has one I'm slightly embarrassed by, which is "What makes you think I'm pure?" It's just strikes me as sorta odd with this character. This also ended up using a lighter ink than the former. It's also a much earlier one in the experiment, and partly I think that shows. It makes for a nice contrast though.
Sometimes I pull out my ink and brush and have no idea what to do, and no particular motivation to shoot for something deep. Then I just see how well I could do a normal scene given the limitations of my tools.
Like I said before, just experimenting with what I can get done given my limits. Nothing even particularly inspired pose wise and all that. It's not terrible either though.
Of the emotional ones I did, it seems a lot of them were goofy. I like this one by virtue of it showing something positive in Jenny, just having her be silly and happy to see someone.

You could ask about the aura, but that really seems to just go with her in general. That's something I noticed while doing a great deal of these.

Another picture trying to convey a thought, this time 'I'm thinking' and yet again, something that isn't completely natural to Jeniffer.
'I wish you could see me now... or see what I see'

Combining my habit of trying to draw characters in wierd future plotline and painting feelings, this one is isolation, but I guess also a bit of wonder.

It just sorta occurred to me at one point that Jimmy would make a wonderful deep space explorer, simply because he doesn't need all that added mass for life support. Why's he dressed like that? Well, that's just sorta how I see him dressed in the future, despite it making little to no sense.

Not the sort of thing I do normally. It's from a stage of just sorta painting whatever came to mind, and putting a little line to go with it. This one's was 'What is the way?'. It's a sorta reflection on sorta the hopelessness of not knowing what to do. Kinda a weird thing for me to draw in that respect since this is rarely if ever an issue for me.
Sometimes it seems like it's easy to lose me behind my obvious characteristics. I wear dark glasses and a coat a lot of the time because I'm over-sensitive to light. My hair and beard arre also part of me, just because experimenting without it I start looking like... no longer me. It also just doesn't feel right for whatever reason.

I can't help that some people don't see past that though. I'm a goth or weirdo or whatnot, because that's what I end up dressed like to be comfortable in my skin, all preferences in life aside, along with my bias against a group that would find faking my particular weakness cool.

I'd be bitter, but I'm not very good at being dark.

A real quick painting done in my sketchbook while looking off the porch of my mother's house. It's really hard to decide which details to include when you're working with a broad brush.
'Some days it seems my eyes have been blind for too long'

Wow. For a simple picture there's a lot to get into here. Basically, since my eyes suck, I have to pretty much always wear dark glasses when I go out in the day. There's exceptions to that if it's cloudy, but getting stranded outside without them is not fun. I still remember being late for a doctor's appointment one day and trying to make due without them. That was... not smart.

Anyway, this is a sketch from back in the day, lying there staring up into the sky from the back of a moving pickup truck, just watching the electric wires criss-cross above me.

Now everything's sorta through a filter. It's still there, but I know it's different at the same time.

Hard to really connect that, but I guess it's just the freedom of being a kid watching things compared to being tied down by needing to find something to really see where I'm going now.

I have a thing for painting flowers with ink. Not that I even bother to figure out what they are or make note of what they are for future referance. This seems like the most complex of the lot, since I really bothered with drawing even part of a background rather than just focusing on the central flower. That might also be because this was one of the few ones I did of a plant that had more than one of them grouped closely together.
This is actually one of my favorites of the flowers, that got dubbed 'Growing' in a remake I did of it for a friend. It's simple but effective in my mind. I like how it manages to be a flower with so few lines and effort, after a lot that really struggle to
Not much to say on this one.
This one either. But flowers with lots of petals are much harder to do.
Again not much to say. I picked something with really weird petals for this one, and have less of a clue than usual what it even was to start with.
Ah, another one of these that I really liked. A few lines that get the idea across very well. I can even say with reasonable certainty that that's an orange lily (which is incidentually, my favorite flower)
Running out of ways here to say not much to say.
Well, this one's at least a little different because I tried filling the page with a truely tiny little flower I found in the yard.
This is probably the one that makes the least sense to me looking back through my sketchbooks. It looks like a couple hibiscuses on a christmas tree. That's more than a little unlikely though, so it seems your guess is as good as mine.
The third in my series of four so far in my experiments with working in only three colors, brown, black and silver, in the form of sharpie markers. I only have scans of two of them unfortunately, and I've given them all away. They all have slightly different approaches to the matter, this one going for a much more solid silver look than most of the others, and getting a much greater variety in it in surfaces since it ended up almost wearing out the pen by the end of things.
I think this is perhaps my favorite of this series of experiments, because it explores using all of the colors the most, both individually and in combination. It's unfortunate that it perhaps went to the person least likely to appreciate it as a gift, though it seemed apropriate at the time. In anycase, I particularly like how the foreground tree turned out, as well as the ocean. Am particularly proud since this came from a referance picture I took myself. I have to remember to carry my camera around more so I can find things like this to draw.
An experiment from back when I was totally into working exclusively in black, brown and silver sharpie, which for whatever reason came out as drawing 'S's back. I suppose so I could do more ticking in the hair, and wouldn't screw up face first thing and then over and over and over. Sometimes that's just the case, and I can't even seem to get started.

Maybe it also had some cosmic meaning in the context of a lot of other characters I tried drawing like this back in the day. This is the only one I seem to have bothered scanning or keeping though.

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