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Another realm from my dreamscape. I rather like this one. It's peaceful. I rather like how the blocks turned out in this. It's hard to draw lots of square things. It gets annoying and boring, and rushing only makes them turn out too symmetrical. Similar things can happen when you try to draw lots of buildings in the background.
The funny thing about these ruins is that the buildings themselves are pretty inconsequential. What really matters are the blocks, pond and grove of the center of it. Those stay more constant than anything else. Whereas last time I was really pleased with the blocks by the water, this time I really dig how the left tree is really uprooting the ones around it. Good times gettting those two things to really interact well.
Yet another attempt to draw one of the locations my dreams frequent. It looks sorta pointy, but I rather like it there, broken rock, smoking ground and all. Probably the result of growing up on an island with an active volcano on it. I've never quite managed to capture the violence the terrain can seem to have in such a situation.
This is essentially something I made to contrast my own and other people's concepts of what a relaxing image was. Of course, this is purely as a result of my stories and associations with characters in them (not yet written in this case) but I found it odd anyway that I felt compelled to make this, and then just found it rather pleasant, despite everything in it looking a bit excessively pointy and burned.
This is one of those drawings where I try and grab something from my dreams and sketch it. It's pretty difficult since I don't tend to see things so much as feel them in dreams. I suppose the closest analogy I can think of to how they work is kinesthesia, or knowing where you are related to you. Similarly there's a sense that there's that chair behind you and you probably shouldn't take a step back, without getting a picture in your head of a chair and you and a big circle with a diaganal line though it Ok, long background aside, this is basically my attempt to try and recreate a character and her native landscaape from one of my dreams, inserting another individual to give it some scale. I suppose I could ask how something with an exoskeleton gets that large, but it never really been an interest to me.
This is one of those reoccurring people who happen in my sketchbook, though not always quite this amicable looking. This is perhaps the first thing that I've ever done that got me asked if I was a professional artist, after spending hours and hours working on it while sitting in a plane. The actual image is simple in some ways. But then I decided that I wanted to make the background interesting, and drew in each and every one of those books individually, and then shaded them differently. By the end I was more than tired of it, but the effect I have to say is really nice. I want a library like that.
One of my comicless characters apparently getting ready to fight something over broken ground. To tell the truth, I really don't get much out of violence, but it does provide an excuse for much more dramatic standing.

For the ground here I was actually trying for part of the ground on my island by the saddle road. Broad swathes of rippled smooth black rock, occasionally interrupted by huge cracks.

A really old sketch from my books. Sometimes I invent characters that have no place in anything I'm working on, or plan on working on. They don't stop being interesting for that, but honestly I can never imagine using this in a blue moon. But he does look rather neat in his collection of rags making his garb.
Yet another weird Jeniffer. The first one I've tried to do with any modicum of realism rather than in one cartoonish way or another. She was a character born purely in the strip and was thus very difficult to pull out of that mode. Weirdly she showed up in a dream at one time, never to appear again and I ended up having to do as good a sketch as I could from that. She's... different here, but I suspect that's inevitable. The glasses are weird, but you take what you get.

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