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OK, this is my title piece I guess, though it's not really a drawing. I did the whole thing on computer. It's not something that took hours to make either, but it really has a nice feel to it. I like the red and green of the leaf, and the shadow effect of the larger leaf.
Sometimes it's good to just sit and sketch the background to get a feel for those things. It probably doesn't help that I have a weird thing for angles, so I can rarely do one that's head on. Anyway, I liked the number of lines that came up here. It's the TV room and overhanging balcony of the dormitory I used to live in.
Sorta up a bit from the last sketch of a room, again I like all the lines interacting with one another. This one also has a bit more action in it, rather than so many broad intersecting planes. There's downsides to working in pen without a straight edge on something like this, but I guess you compensate.
Back in the day, I had an art final project that I needed to do with 5 people at least standing around together (or sitting, or humping, or whatever). This is one of the sketches I did but didn't choose to finish, instead choosing a professor teaching my physics lab at the time. He just looked dynamic.

In retrospect, this would have been the much better option. It just screams character and action in each individual. I particularly liked the smoking kid by the fire hydrant. Since it's not readily apparent this is a very quick sketch of one night in the dead of winter, in new york, when the fire alarm went off. This can be very inconvenient, seeing as there's not a lot of time allowed to put on clothes or dry off, given you were in the shower. Hence you have barefoot (or slippered) people, t-shirts, winter clothing and blankets. And everyone's in these antsy poses while not doing anything because damnit, it's cold, the building's obviously not on fire, and they want to go back in.

Overall, I now have the ablity to kick myself for not having done this one. Maybe I'll get inspired and complete it someday anyway.

Yep, I like working in odd colors sometimes. It's somehow liberating, since I've already lost a layer of reality. It's a little easier to just go with drawing then. Oddly, this one seems to have turned out quite well.
Another off color, this one of the few even semi-accurate drawings I've ever done of a real person. It's really not a talent of mine. I can cartoon my characters, but I can't even hope in most cases to draw anything like a person I'm looking at, at that moment. Too many details. I get distracted.
This is a drawing I like, but no one else does. That's it's natural color. It was the pen I had on me at the time. I was in a Vietnamese restraunt when I looked at a particularly busy corner and just decided to throw it down on paper, just to try it out. I also probably have a thing for working in odd colors, though I don't let that come out too often.
These are actually sketches of one of my super heroes from City of Heroes. This is really interesting because it's where I really started getting into using lines and circles to try and map out a body before I did the main thing. I'd tried it more or less before, but the results here really stood out to me. I could do real action!
The action continues. Believe it or not, this is one of those poses I've tried a lot of times to very very limited success. And finally I really hit it! I could show someone standing on their hand without doing dozens of sketches and resketches. The technique really isn't that good, but this is when it finally clicked.
Last of this series, another of those poses that never quite added up before this, with the tiny set up pose before jumping into the main thing. Good leasons learned before moving into Peace on Earth
I used to have an umbrella like this. Then it disappeared. It's surprisingly difficult to get all those curves to work together in a drawing.
Yeah, sometimes I just let the creative juices go, to see what happens. Usually it's something like this. I have a slightly odd mind apparently. At least it isn't vile, horrible things like I sometimes see while wandering the web. It's just... different.
This was something of an introductory concept piece I did for a class project involving writing a childrens book. It's a bit larger than anything in it would probably end up being, but I liked the idea enough that I really wanted to implement it as fully as I could at least once.
Here's a concept for a one time comic I never went through with, called Rhino the Wino. Because anything that rhymes has to make a great children's book!
This would be one of those oddities that springs out of my head when I'm sitting around for long weeks of the summer with more time to think of ideas than is entirely healthy. Not only to think of things, but to do the research and planning it takes to do it halfway decently. If decent is in fact the word.
There is no real explanation to go with this. The bunny's come from this strip, while the fish come from a series of things I did that I never posted and lost awhile back with the rest of my hard drive. The little note at the top is an attempt to give it any placement at all, but there just isn't. And while I enjoy the feel of it, there really is no way I could ever work it into a comic strip. It just doesn't make any sense, which perhaps is why I do like it.
A little more formal than the above piece, but of the same school of thought of just making something small to express the moment.

The moment I'm having instead of thinking about what I probably should be in class.

Another notebook piece. Nothing too dramatic, but sort of the largest version of a continuing theme in my notebook to date. Strangely, I've never been able to draw a face to go with this eye though I've tried about 100 times.
This is sort of a small thing I did in the margins of my notes one day. I liked how it turned out so I decided to scan it so I wouldn't lose it. It's based on a much larger pencil piece I did, which I left at home so you won't be seeing that very soon.
There's something I like about this. It's a fence post with no real purpose, being connected to nothing else. Around it are now free grass lands. One thing is caught in it. A scrap of cloth caught on a nail for whatever reason. Of course, by being there it flutters with a lot more life than it would if it fell, but it's in an odd place above where it should be, and definitely still caught.

Interesting though, despite just being a scrap of cloth. Needless to say, I liked the idea enough to draw the thousands of blades of grass in this. Like library picture, or lizard below, I'm not sure what compels me to do these things.

Kismet, the ever cute being. This is based off a picture I took of her when I was first moving into my house, and she decided that my hat was the best bed available at the time.
Probably the most real thing I've ever drawn in my life. Which is kind of ironic seeing as it is a drawing of an incredibly fake looking plastic lizard I own. The real nice thing is all the scales, though by the end of the 5th hour of drawing tiny little rombuses I was ready to scream. It's amazing what art classes can convince you to do.
Flowers, backround is mostly invented because it was rather foggy the day I had to draw this for art class. Not much more I'd like to say about this.
Just a very generic fantasy drawing of no real import.
Generic fantasy hero piece, based on nothing in particular. He just sort of popped into my head in math class one day. I get a lot of ideas while in class. It keeps bugging me that there's nothing to hold that sword up, but erasing and drawing in again always leaves marks on the paper that tend to mar the outcome of fixing things.
Hmm, finally got this in. This was my art final project in high school. It's made up of a few people and places from more serious stories I've been working on. Unfortunately, nothing complete yet.
This was my door in college. It's something I've constructed entirely out of masking tape. I can't really give a reason for it other than I got bored and made one of the hands and the rest came out by request. They still wanted more, but I'm at a loss of what more to add. A leg would just trip me every time I tried to walk into a door, and almost anything else is impractical.

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