Invisible City was meant to be the sequel to Pabafol, started after a long drought where I could write no comics. It was meant to retain some of the randomness of Pabafol, but with a bit more consistency. No more Jeniffer being able to change the entire universe at whim, no more jumping around randomly, just a person being weird to no big effect. It had some good ideas, but never took off the same way. I think part of the problem may have been I was going to much for what I thought a comic should be like.

I came up with the title before I came up with a real reason for it. THe original thought was maybe she would never ever leave the coffee shop, and seeing how far I could go with that. The city would then be invisible in the sense that it was obviously there, but never interacted with.

A later explanation I came up with was that it was meant to tell the story of Jeniffer wandering the Invisible City, which isn't actually invisible in any literal sense. Things that we can't see can take on a certain beauty that they can't when we can see them. Take Happy, Texas. In just naming that place you're probably either thinking of someplace either amusingly chipper or ironic or maybe just a plain place with a weird name. None of those are the real Happy, Texas though. They are just the invisible cities in our mind that tend to be a more purely one thing or the other without all those messy details that really exist mussing things up.

So the city in this comic is only invisible to Jeniffer, who chooses not to see it in favor of seeing the incredibly beautiful one in her mind.

Perhaps that all seems a little high falutin for a character who seems little more than random. Over time though I've found a pattern in it, one which I then perpetuate.

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