Notes: Today's Rob and Billet is an example of some of the bad side effects that come from drawing the panels first without thoughts on what goes in them or convenience. In this case, I hesitated to translate the strip to a larger format. For about a year and a half. It's 6 panels wide and 7 tall. This does not translate well drawn large. It barely, barely fit on 2 pages, with a great deal of photoshoping to get odd panels that were crammed here and there.

The theme was more of a play on that which seems to appear in many comics, one character taking up cartooning. Usually it's followed by some comment on the quality, which I tried to avoid. This used to be more appropriate a comment, since the comic itself was, well, small.

The eventual theme did end up fitting, though I wonder if it might not have been a better comic if each line was only about one of them. The things you don't think of when you only have a few minutes.

Actually, in that context, I'm amused. It might be possible for me to do a passible 24 page comic, as per the 24 hour comic project, in only a couple of hours. But I like odd stories that don't particularly go anywhere, and places without a great deal of background.