#10: Coloring Experiment #2
Color in Pabafol feels a little more out of place than in Peace on Earth. I can't make that hair feel normal to me. I'm glad I took the time to do another experiment though. Each iteration teaches me something new about the process.

I think one of the funniest tricks I've learned through this and talking my way through it with my fiancee is that if I'm going to do shadows there's a simple rule: Take what I think is a good shadow, then always double it in size, and usually then in darkness. There's no comic exaggeration in that, and the funny thing to me is how exact it is. Three times is too much, one and a half is too little, doubling it is always just right.

It's growing to be a convention for me that I need a sentence that describes the scene I'm drawing or would be said in it to really get into doing one. In this case I went without, decided I didn't like it or my pen, and scribbled "This may be the wrong pen to use" in the margins before starting again. Somehow, changing those two things helped.