#11: The Cast of Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood
Here is a sketch that I've had bumming around in a book for awhile. It makes me miss doing Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood, even if the whole thing was an enormous mess. I liked the characters though, and had a lot of fun. I guess I'm just more focused on doing something a little more serious now. Maybe I'll get back to it some day, or maybe it'll always be nostalgia for back in the day when I didn't try so hard.

I'm feel certain there's someone missing from this image, but it's not coming to me who that would be, other than that picture of a plastic Jiggly-Puff toy that I think showed up three times.

It probably would have been worthwhile to ink this, but I have too many current projects to go back and spend a day on this right now. At least trying to make it at all visible from the light pencil sketch taught me a new trick in photoshop.

Click the image for a huge version.