#13: Drafting Ideas
Since I'm really not going to finish this comic till I get a few more hours of not panicing in first, I decided to toss up a screen cap of what my drafting process looks like now. This is the one for Peace on Earth #45.

What you'll see is a lot variations on the text I might put in there, along with some drafts that are intentionally much, much too long, because once I have everything I want to put into a panel write out, It's a lot easier to parse that down than to try and write it short in the first place. There's also quick sketches here and there where I consider the layout or action in a panel particularly important.

All this is done with a combination of ipad apps, Jot and Popplet, the former of which I use for the quick sketches, the later for making the little bubbles that I can shuffle around to make the comic. The nice thing about doing it this way is that it's pretty easy to take a panel and toss it into another strip if this one needs more space, or that I can put everything on the side for a bit while I rework it from scratch and see how things compare. It's also just easier to keep all my ideas in one place.

This is a pretty good method for me to work out a first draft. What this doesn't give me, and what concerns me that I don't have anymore thanks to doing this all on the ipad, is a second draft. With paper and pen, this is the penciling stage, where the entire strip is drawn out, with all the dialogue in, and I can look over the entire thing and make sure that it all strings together right, and all the text fits in without crowding the panels. It's here that I tend to make some major tweaks to things that tend to give what I consider a polished product. Not huge changes, like redrawing whole panels (usually) but more changing faces so they match, piddling with language so that there's nothing that's being repeated or doesn't fit, all that. It may be a bother, but I may need to figure out a way to replicate this process if I'm going to keep working like this.