#4: Revision
So here's a rough idea of what the revised characters look like, with the old ones on the right for refecence.

'S hasn't changed terribly much and was pretty easy. Jeniffer was a nightmare, just as expected. Hours of work went into that one sketch, starting from the top and going down, then erasing most of that and restarting at the bottom and going back up, back and forth until it was even a crude approximation of what I wanted. Even now I'll probably be going back for some minor tweaking, but at this point I'll need to light box the image since the paper on the original's starting to get too damaged to work with.

Part of the problem is that I've never pictured Jeniffer as an actual person, just a cartoon character. Her absractness is completely built into my mental image of her to such an extent that mentally I'm still thinking of this as a completely different character rather than another look for an old one.

Overall though, it seems a successful experiement in my mind. Both seem more expressive and Jeniffer actually looks her age now, which is about 14. This actually freaks me out a little, since I've had students around that age, and I can't help but picture them in the world and comics I've created now. I guess the good part is it'll make it apparent how freaky she's supposed to be.

The more I look at this image though, the less that seems to have changed. Huh. I guess it was all about getting the pieces to fit together. But somehow minor changes make all the difference.