#6: PoEM
So one of the things I've been working on offline is the look and feel I'd like to give Peace on Earth when I get back to it. This basically involves making a bunch of failed comics and trying to improve from there. Any time I do a new series, it starts off very rough and gradually gets better, so I'm trying to get through that first step with strips I don't post. Just sort of let things flow and see if I can't get some roughs that start looking better before I invest real time into it. The last panel of this one is approaching what I'm looking for, I think, clean up of course, and with backgrounds. I'm not sure I really want to go with speech bubbles like that though. I've been trying it out since it's conventional, but it looks incredibly wrong to me still.

It's giving me a chance to map out future plots, people's relationships, and try and figure out pacing and keeping things interesting when I'm so obsessed with characters talking through things.

Since I like to give everything a title, it's been called Peace on Earth in the Margins, later shortened to POEM.