#9: Coloring Experiment
This is a coloring experiment I've been fiddling with recently. I'm not planning on going to color any time soon, because I like the feel of black and white generally, but these were fun to do since I don't work in color much to start with and it was a whole new drawing technique for me. I have to say, aside from liking how they turned out, I really like being able to fiddle with lines endlessly using the pen tool. It's also nice to actually be able to make direct use of my looser ball-point pen drawing style. I've always liked how lively those turn out most times, but it's just impossible to turn straight into comics, and I can't reach the proper level of fervor laying down lines with a pencil. My current strategy is just drawing a bunch of poses in ball-point in my sketch book, then trying to recreate them in pencil once I'm actually doing the comic. I could lightboard them, but that just seems like more work.