The Value of Being Polite


Hello. So are you the cable repair guy?

That I am

Good, Good...


Look I have a problem, and I was hoping you could help me with it.

With your cable, right?

Well, that too. But my real problem is that I've killed three people.


Yes, they're all in the garage now, and I'm afraid I'll do it again.

I don't...

And I'd love to go to the police but I just know they'll... well, I guess what I'm trying to say is do you have many friends and loved ones?

Yes! Yes I have lots and lots of friends and loved ones! All of whom are expecting me right after this is done!

Oh. Well that's just terrible. Not for you I mean, but, I don't suppose you know someone then that no one would miss then, knowing all those people and all?

No, no I love all of them and... Wait, I mean yes! I know someone exactly like you're describing and I'll just go get them right now, so you stay right here, and I'll be right back.

Thank you. That's simply too kind of you.