Man Jumps Eight Stories to His Death

This is a bad idea.

I know this is a bad idea, but we need to show the investors something.

I know.

I don't like this idea either but we're out of money and options, and the product does work.

I know.

We can do this though, we can show them that it's all been worthwhile.

I know.

Yeah. Yeah, I know too.


I didn't think we'd be testing it like this either, but everything does spec out. I've even tweeked it a little bit to get some extra power out of it just in case.

Let me do it.

What? No. I've already made all the calculations and everything for me. You weigh at least 20 pounds less than I do.

Yeah. It's just like you giving it a little extra power.

I think that might be going too far.

No, let me do it. I just can't feel right if I let you take all the risk.

Yeah. Yeah, I think we can make this work. We'll show them a man jumping, not just on top of, but right over a 3 story building.