Jesus Christ, my tire is flat. I need to get to work! I mean, I could take the bus, but that's really inconvient. I guess I also could just call in today, but I don't know. Jesus, what would you do?

Well, I don't know, there weren't cars or buses back in my day. Or phones for that matter.


Have you considered loving your neighbor?

Double ugh.


Jesus, I'm sorry, but loving my neighbor is not going to get me to work. Not without being really creepy.


You'd have to know her and.. well I guess you would, but really, this isn't helping me, your advice, and you just hovering there isn't either for that matter.

Maybe you should at least try thinking about what I said.



So, maybe what you're saying is that... instead of worrying about my petty everyday concerns I should try caring about those around me?

You said it, not me.